Monday, August 15

Upward Falling

"I touch the sky, when my knees hit the ground.."
Touch the Sky by Hillsong

I suppose I could put a dramatic entry here about why my definition of regular blogging became yearly (quite amusing), and how I have arrived to a deep realization about things happening in my life lately, or even post pictures of how I have transformed throughout that span of time! Which actually I realized, I needed to put something new here, or at least an update about anything.

After two years of being in the real world, I could testify that it wasn't a joke leaving your home and live in apartments/boarding houses/condo units with other people. Plus the weight of responsibilities which meant doing laundry, cooking your meals, mamalengke, paying bills, creating a budget (and keeping it!), making sure hindi sobra ang OT and dealing with emotions (ok, that escalated a bit). Adulting is not a walk in the park! Well, it could be, but a park with dinosaurs and booby traps. But I swear, I learned a lot! Especially in how my relationship with the Lord has been tested and proven, but sometimes questioned and being answered as well. Confusions help lead to clarification, and when I usually ran away from them before, I learned to embrace them now.

There has been adventures and misadventures in my life for the past two years, and I am thinking about narrating some highlights here in my blog. It was fun revisiting them in my journal, which even refreshed my memory of the lessons which I think could benefit others when shared.

That's why starting this week, I will be posting a series of stories we could learn from, or even a picture or two. Until then!

Thursday, April 23

of typographic art

As an art fanatic, I personally have been in touch with my "creationist" side. Typography has been one of my interests where I have been volunteering in as well. Just this morning while browsing some internet sites, I have been reminded that to be able to pursue typography in a higher level, learning about it and really knowing about the principles behind it comes a close second to simply doing it.

From the difference of straight and curly quotation marks to tips on what fonts to avoid, I was delighted with the fact that the author made sure that the site would own up to the topic it was about.

Creating this post was simply to share with you this site. Go, check it out:

Monday, August 4

slow and beautiful

I admit, I must be guilty for not being able to utilize this blog as much as possible. Another set of many months had to pass before I will write. Yet, the reason for my absence might just suffice.

It has been months since I left my hometown in pursuit of a job in a tech company here in Manila. Since then, I have seen myself learning and relearning lessons of life as I continue to meet new people, challenges and my self (yep).

One major thing I learned is that life isn't something I should rush. If I wanted to be pruned in character, I must be willing to get through the slow and painful method of getting hurt and learning from it. This generation has been blessed with so many gadgets and methodologies that make things happen in a snap that we forget how it feels to be stuck in slowness and the beauty of being immersed in it.

Silly how I have been such a pasaway of that lesson. Rushing studying and expecting to have excellent results always gets me frustrated. In this season of being a trainee, there's so much I have discovered in myself and in my attitude that would make me lose by default. Yet, I have learned that being able to take things slow is an attitude worth reveling in. Even caterpillars need enough time to change into a beautiful butterfly. I do believe that so do we.

By the way, as a part of taking things step by step, I have created a new blog entitled "Nihongo no nikki" which means, "Japanese Diary", as an effort to practice a new language I have been learning these days.
You might want to check it out sometime, though I can't promise a furnished grammar for that matter, though I desire to have. :)

Well then, don't hesitate to take things slow,you might get awed by the beauty that'd emerge. So as the bible says, "He has made everything right in its time". :)

Friday, May 9

Grace unresolved

I thought I died.

It has already been more than six months now since my last post, and my bittersweet desire of adding another continued to stick up the tip of my fingertips. Until now, when I realized that I couldn't run out of reasons to share what has been new in my life, that I need to translate it to words.

It all seemed just a blur for everything happened so fast, but clarity may just be seen in a single word: GRACE.

1. Our thesis was finished.
2. The Software Development project was declared "Closed"
3. I graduated from college
4. I have a job. :)

Looking back at how things unfolded, I could never understand how someone like me who can't even reach the highest of all expectations could end up blessed and privileged upon the end of my five-year journey in college. In retrospect, I could never comprehend how I had my life changed as I entered the gates of the university and now that I am leaving it towards a new horizon, I just can't get enough of the limitless possibilities of the real world. Though I believe that it's a "jungle" as they say, yet even their bloodiest stories of struggle couldn't dampen my outlook on the positive vibes the rich possibilities could bring.

Now that I am about to embark on this new book, I do have a lot of expectations. Though they might be broken or fulfilled, I just know one thing, it's still my purpose to know Him and to make Him known.

Come, the water is great for a swim. 
Let's dive towards the future, Batch 2014! :)

Saturday, October 12

After eons of inactivity...

(c) Sheena Sy
As I go forth on this journey of thesis making, I usually am sidetracked by the many deceptions and distractions my mind often throws at me. Talking about a personal distraction! However, I am just reminded to always fix my eyes on the one who is constant, the One who only wants the best for me. May you be reminded of this beautiful truth as well! :)

Sunday, March 31

in time.

walking in the coast of San Joaquin, Iloilo
photo by my bro
I'm quite MIA these days! And it's been so long since I have posted about what I have been through, and to tell you, it's been hard.

I was caught up with a project we have in school which I was the project leader. There are just a lot of things I have discovered about myself which led me to think if I am indeed fit for the role. Nevertheless, I praise God for He allowed me to get into such position as I am just emerging in the career track. Oh, so that's how it is to be the "ultimately responsible person for the success and the failure of the team". I admit, I shed a lot of tears and blurted a lot of anxieties before the Lord. I got into a bunch of emotional up-downs and even thought about quitting but I believe I just might as well give up on my life if I do. I realized, life is all about decisions and keeping on.

Our project isn't done yet, and there would be a lot to face. I realized, I have nothing to cover myself with for the bloody journey but with my God and my Father's words backing me up and comforting me, I believe I've got everything I need. I do see that I might be that inefficient as a Project Manager, but I thank God for giving me this opportunity. While this project's just nearing it's end, I decided to just give it my best shot. I don't want regrets in the end.

My God is the God of perfect timings and order.
perfect timings, and order.

Friday, January 18

China's Golden Rules

I got into a research about China and I found out A LOT of interesting things about it. I have stumbled upon a blog of Miss Joan Pittman and I found this sort of rules she had compiled from her Chinese friends and I thought, this sort of information ought to be in my blog too! I also got a chuckle out of it. hahaha. But honestly, I think numbers 1 and 2 apply heavily. :)

I was going through some old files on my computer this evening and ran across this list that a Chinese friend gave me years and years ago of 12 so-called ‘golden rules’ of doing any kind of business in China.

I don’t know where he/she got it, and I can’t even remember who it was, but I had a good chuckle reading it. Perhaps you will too. And I’ve also been involved in enough negotiations to appreciate the ring of truth…

  1. Everything is possible.
  2. Nothing is easy.
  3. Western business logic does not apply.
  4. It is a fun project if there is no deadline.
  5. You must persist — things will come your way eventually.
  6. Patience is the essence of success.
  7. “You don’t know China” means they disagree.
  8. “New regulation” means they found a new way of avoiding something.
  9. “Internal regulation” means they are mad at you.
  10. “Basically no problem” means BiG problem.
  11. When you are optimistic, think about rule #2.
  12. When you are pessimistic, think about rule #1.

pasted from Ms. Pittman's blog. Go, check it out too. :)